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Robert (Call him Rob) Pieklo decided after spending 17 years as a mortgage executive it was time to do something a little different.

Rob got his start at a small lender as a mortgage originator and quickly grew a team. That team turned into a division and he was placed in charge of the entire retail channel. The company quickly grew to a mid sized national mortgage bank. He soon became a partner of the company and was promoted to run capital markets. After 4 years running capital markets he was also tasked with steering the company’s growth plans as Chief Strategy Officer. He founded the Consumer direct platform and helped facilitate all investment relationships for the company. He was responsible for all mortgage and servicing sales as well as all trading and hedging for the company. (3.8B originations a year mortgage banker)

After selling his stake in the company in 2018, Rob went on to run originations for a large public mortgage company. The goal was to clean up the company’s 800+ person mortgage origination business. Under his watch, he turned the originations(wholesale, Correspondent and Direct to Consumer) business around and grew the volume from 500mm to 1.5b a month and leading the division to profitability. After 14 months, the company sold to a large publicly traded REIT. Mission Accomplished.

After that stint, Robert knew that the large corporate world was not for him. He teamed back up with one of his original partners, Shaun Hamman, and is building something special here at Equity Home Mortgage. Originating was always in his heart and he is looking to build a company based on honesty, transparency and serving the customer.

Shaun and Rob have seen 100’s of thousands of loans cross their desks and are now bringing that experience to our referral partners and customers. Building a flat organization keeps our rates extremely competitive without the layers of bureaucracy found at most mortgage companies

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